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My little world.
-Why do you hide?
~Because he loves someone else.
-But what if he loves you too?
~I don’t think so ,and I don’t care,I will destroy everything.
-But waiting goes to nowhere.
~So what?
-You have to do something.
~Like what?
-Like telling him the truth.
~It goes to nowhere,too.
-How do you know?
~Because he doesn’t love me. If he did,I wouldn’t be waiting for all these months.
-But tell him…Why are you so afraid?
~I’m afraid that ,if I tell him ,he will never talk to me again.
-But you two don’t talk much,anyway.
~It doesn’t matter. At least, he smiles when he sees me. He looks into my eyes,he says ‘Hi’ in a lovely way. He is happy to see me. And it means everything to me.
-This is shit,darling.
~No,this is everything to me. This little things, he doesn’t even know he’s doing,made me fall in love with him.
-But he loves her.
~I know. That’s okay. I respect them.
-You’re fool!
~I’m not fool. If I wanted,I could destroy everything,but I’m a good girl. And I want him to be happy ,because he deserves it. Even if it’s with her. This what love means,wanting someone to be happy,even if you’re not the reason.